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At Murray Scott-Nelson we cater for all aspects of paintwork, from full bare metal resprays to small scratch repairs. Over the years, along side Austin Healey’s, MG’s and Jaguars, we have also painted Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Porsches.



The key to superb paintwork is preparation, cleanliness and an expert painter. Painting a vehicle, which has been stripped to bare metal, requires to be etch primed to provide the best possible anti corrosion protection and surface for the subsequent coats of paint. The next step is a high quality 2 pack epoxy primer which will then require guide coating and wet and dry flatting to give the ultimate surface for the final colour and clear lacquer coats which when dry are flatted and hand polished to give a superb paint finish. Painting over old paint is, in some instances is more difficult. We have to ensure the old paint will not react with the new paint or become unstable when baked in the oven.



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We have a building dedicated to paintwork with a controlled environment low bake oven in order to achieve optimum results. Along with paintwork we can carry out all aspects of bodywork, accident repairs, full restorations and complete colour changes.




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